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The AVSAF-P online course accredits the minimum knowledge in operational safety necessary for unaccompanied access to the airport movement area for the performance of tasks that do not involve the handling and driving of vehicles.

AVSAF training comes from the acronym AV( Aviation )SAF(Safety) and is a standardized training in operational safety that is mandatory to work in Spanish airports .

The AVSAF-P training given is official and recognized by AENA.

Modality: ONLINE.

Course duration: 4h

Evaluation attempts: OFA platform (free) AESA (2 attempts).

Days available from registration: 30 days (Extendable for free).

Issuance of the official certificate included.


(Required by the State Aviation Safety Agency-AESA)

  1. operational safety
  2. Airport configuration
  3. work in an airport
  4. Airport Procedures

Student certification process:

1.-Buy the course.

2.-Immediately, the student is given access to the Moodle e-learning platform.

3.-Once the course has been passed, the student will be presented to AESA to take the official online exam. (This is a short 16-question multiple choice exam).

4.-Once the final exam has been passed, the student will be able to download the official certificate through our platform. This certificate can be presented at any of the Spanish airports.

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