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The training consists of completing the Driving in the Maneuvering Area (CAM) course or the Communications course (COM) depending on the type of driving license that needs to be obtained (the CAM course is a requirement for obtaining the PCP- AM and the COM course is a requirement to obtain the PCP-COM).

By completing this course, the COM diploma valid for all AENA airports is obtained.

Modality: ONLINE.

Course duration: 2h

Evaluation attempts: Free.

Days available from enrollment: 90 days.

Issuance of the official certificate included.



Module 1 – Procedures in the maneuvering area

Student certification process:

1.-Buy the course.

2.-Immediately, the student is given access to the Moodle e-learning platform.

3.-Once the final exam has been passed, the student will be able to download the official certificate through our platform. This certificate can be presented at any of the Spanish airports.

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